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Office Depot is a nationwide chain that specializes in offering a wide variety of office supplies at discounted prices. The stores are open to the public and offer great deals to individuals and families on things such as school and home office supplies as well as cameras and laptops. The store also forms contracts with businesses to be their official supplier of everything from pens and pencils to computers and office furniture. Whether you are shopping for your home and family or as the representative of a business the prices and selection cannot be beat by any other retailer of office supplies.

Store shoppers also earn rewards when they scan their Depot rewards card at the register when checking out. These rewards accumulate and will eventually earn coupons for even greater discounts. So quite simply put, the more you shop at Office Depot the more you save.

About Office Depot Customer Survey

The survey is an opportunity for your voice to be heard by the company and provides valuable feedback to them about things they are doing well and things that may need to be improved upon. The survey is by invitation only and will be listed on your receipt. You will be asked to grade things such as product selection and availability, store cleanliness and organization, sales staff assistance and friendliness, checkout wait time, etc….all of your answers will be based upon your most recent visit to the store.

In today’s economic climate retailers are more competitive than ever. While consumer’s number one priority is the lowest price for the highest quality merchandise, criteria such as store cleanliness and organization, product selection, sales assistance and staff friendliness as well as prompt checkout make a strong impression on shoppers. One bad experience can keep a shopper from ever returning to a store if they can buy the same merchandise somewhere else for a comparable price.

Office Depot Customer Survey Incentives

The survey takes just a few minutes and you can participate online. Upon completion of the survey you will be rewarded with a coupon that can be redeemed during your next online or in-store purchase from the store.

Office Depot values its customers and by providing them with honest feedback on very specific criteria you will assist them in making their stores and your future shopping experiences the very best that they can be. For this reason it is very important that you be as honest and specific as possible in your answers. If you had a bad experience or were disappointed in something that happened during your shopping trip express this in the appropriate part of the survey. Ultimately your feedback, positive and negative, will help the store maintain their standards and implement improvements where needed.

How can you participate in Office Depot Customer Survey website?

The entire survey can be taken online. Please make sure to:

  • Have a computer or laptop with internet connection
  • Have the receipt from your most recent shopping trip at Office Depot
  • Have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the survey

Step by step instructions:

  1. Your receipt will direct you to go to www.officedepot.com/feedback and enter your invitation code
  2. Select the appropriate way in which you were invited to take the survey, whether it is from your sales receipt, an invitation card received in the store or from an e-mail from Office Depot.
  3. You will then be asked to enter the date you last shopped at an Office Depot. Next click ‘Continue’.
  4. Next you will need to enter the city and state as well as the name/number of the store where you last shopped. Then click ‘Continue’.
  5. The next selection you will make is to indicate your gender. Then click ‘Continue’.
  6. Next you will select your resident state from the drop-down box. Then click ‘Continue’.
  7. Here you will enter your resident zip code. Next click ‘Continue’.
  8. Next you will be given the option to enter your employment status. Then click ‘Continue’ (Note: you do not have to answer this question).
  9. The next question gives you the option to enter your age. Then click ‘Continue’ (Note: you do not have to answer this question).
  10. Now you will answer the survey questions about your last shopping trip to the store by either making a selection from set of choices or typing out your answer in a box. Click ‘Continue’ as directed until the survey is complete.
  11. At the end of the survey you will be rewarded with your discount coupon.


The next time you shop at your local Office Depot be sure to check your sales receipt for that valuable invitation to participate in the feedback survey. Your assistance is invaluable not only to the company but yourself and other customers who visit the store as the survey results often facilitate change and improvement. Store managers cannot be everywhere at the same time and therefore cannot see everything that goes on in their store so they are eager to receive feedback from their clientele. Whether you are an individual who has discovered the tremendous selection of office supplies as well as electronics or you are the representative of a business who purchases all of their office supplies from Office Depot through a contract, you matter to the company and their primary goal is to have satisfied customers.

Each time you are invited to participate in the feedback survey from, once you complete the survey you will receive a valuable coupon that can be redeemed during your next shopping trip. These coupons usually discount your purchase by a certain dollar amount based upon how much you spend during a particular shopping trip. For example, if you spend $50.00 you can redeem your coupon for $10.00 off your total purchase. So please participate as often as invited and help make Office Depot one of the best retailers of office supplies in the United States while you also earn yourself some deep discounts.


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