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Sonic Drive-In is a popular drive-in fast food restaurant that is prevalent in the Southeast and Midwest. The restaurants themselves are quite unique, as they feature no interior seating – all ordering is done through a speaker at either outside tables or from the speakers mounted at parking spots, and food is brought directly to the customers. The company is perhaps most famous for its wide assortment of beverages, particularly its famous Limeade beverages. Sonic boasts hundreds of drink combinations, and it also has quite a robust menu. It famously serves a variety of hot dogs and hamburgers, though the menu has recently expanded to include a number of healthier options.

Sonic is also fairly well known for their nation-wide advertising campaigns. New commercial seem to be rotated in on a monthly basis, even in areas in which Sonic is not present. The format of the commercials has been parodied and copied a number of times over the last few years, but the fact remains that the company actually has a rather robust presence even in regions where the restaurant has yet to expand. As such, the nation-wide knowledge of the chain far outstrips its actual reach.

Sonic has a reputation for being particularly customer-friendly, and it generally hires employees that can keep up the image. It is well-known for having a variety of roller-skating carhops, many of which are quite helpful to new visitors. These are the employees that are most likely to let a customer know about the www.Talktosonic.com survey opportunity, and some of them will helpfully circle the necessary information on the customer’s receipt to make sure that he or she is able to take the survey in a timely manner. Doing so not only allows customers to collect the incentive on their next visit, but increases the number of customers that take the survey.

About The Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey

The www.Talktosonic.com web survey is one of the more traditional surveys available on the web, and it still follows a format that is quite similar to those of the more traditional phone surveys. The survey is used not only to determine the customer’s reaction to the food consumed at the location, but to gather demographic information and to judge the success of the particular location of the restaurant. Information is gathered on a numbered scale, with a variety of topics including speed of service and price covered by the survey.

Like many surveys, www.Talktosonic.com depends on both the participation of the customer and reminders from staff to make sure that the survey is actually finished. The survey itself only takes a few minutes, and it can actually be completed in the car during the dining experience. These surveys are becoming increasingly common as ways to judge the performance of a particular restaurant, especially as the economic climate turns against many dining establishments. Customer satisfaction is a key factor in determining not only if a particular location will survive, but how it will be managed and how employees will perform.

Survey Incentives to Encourage Customers to Complete the www.Talktosonic.com Survey

Like most online surveys, www.Talktosonic.com does provide incentives to customers. The incentive itself is actually printed quite boldly on the bottom of the receipt, and it is usually the primary factor that encourages customers to actually complete the process. In most cases, the incentive will be a free large drink of any type, though it has been known to change from time to time. Unlike many other restaurants, Sonic is quite up-front about what the incentive will be, and many of the employees of the restaurant are sure to remind customers of the benefits. This incentive is received by all customers that take the survey, eliminating the element of chance that so many restaurants use. This may be one of many reasons why the www.Talktosonic.com survey is offered to relatively few customers.

It is important to note that the www.Talktosonic.com survey must be taken after the visit, and that the incentive can only be used on one’s next visit. However, the “next visit” simple means the next order from the customer, and it is entirely possible for a customer to order food, take the survey, and then immediately order the incentive. No other products must be ordered for the incentive to work, and www.Talktosonic.com gives the redemption code immediately.

How to Participate in The Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Participation for the www.Talktosonic.com survey is actually restricted to Sonic customers. In fact, not every customer can actually take this survey – the necessary code is printed off on the bottom of a receipt, and a given customer may only get one such code in dozens of visits. As such, the odds of actually getting to participate in the survey are relatively low. Fortunately, those that do participate in the survey can participate as often as they like, and there are no limits on how many surveys you can take in a given year.

To enter the www.Talktosonic.com , you must first check your receipt to see if you are eligible for a survey. You will need to hold on to this receipt, as it will actually come in handy later, but the only tools you will need are a phone or computer and a pen. Entering the survey is as simple as singing on to the website and entering the code printed at the bottom of the survey. Some Sonic restaurant employees will circle this code for you, but not all will do this. As such, it is important to look for extra text at the bottom of your receipt.

Once the www.Talktosonic.com survey is completed, customers will be given a unique ID code. Upon the next visit, the customer can let the restaurant know that he or she has the ID code, and can give this code to the carhop along with his or her receipt to receive an incentive item. Most Sonic employees spend relatively little time checking the validity of the code, but it is necessary to have both the code and the receipt to receive the free item. The redemption process generally only takes a few moments of the customer’s time.


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